Our story


My name is Melissa and Iโ€™m the mama behind Little Waves. I'm 33 years old and I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. In 2017, I met my fiance, Jason and In 2019, we decided to move our lives to Ohio to be closer to his family. If you look really close on the map you might be able to see our little town.
In 2021, Jason and I experienced several miscarriages before finally welcoming our rainbow baby. That sweet little boy you see in the picture is our son, Knox. He is my living and breathing prayer. Knox is an endless source of inspiration and love. It's his joy and little personality that inspired me to create Little Waves โ€“ a brand that would resonate with little boys like Knox, and their parents too.
The ocean has always been a happy place for me and some of my best memories growing up were next to the waves.
Even though our home is now in Ohio, I always want to be able to give Knox a piece of my heart, including the beautiful memories of growing up on the West Coast, so I decided one way I could express this would be through my small shop! Thats why chose to name it โ€˜Little Waves'
I believe that timing is everything, and this venture couldn't feel more right. I am beyond excited to bring my vision to life and see all your littles in our clothing and gear.